scott morgan

  • "The Light Chimes" 2017
  • "The Endless Sea" 2015
  • "You are the Sun, You are the Moon" 2016
  • "The Light Aquatic" 2014
  • "The Light Aquatic" 2014
  • "Twilio GLOW" 2013
  • "Luxopolis" 2010
  • "Luxopolis" 2010
  • "Borealis" 2012

Scott Morgan • New Media Artist


The intersection of organic and geometric forms has fascinated me forever -- crystalline snowflake patterns, geometric agriculture patterns, sacred geometry, classical musical structures, and the results of technology as it is applied to the arts. I am also deeply moved by abstractions of tangible forms and the transformative process as applied and rendered by technology to aural and visual forms.

Within this context, I work with imagery of urban and rural environments, as well as software algorithms, to achieve a transformative experience. Motion and movement is always present in my work.

Usability and User interaction are a large part of my work, whether it is on a collaborative basis, or direct interaction with the piece.

I also enjoy working with electronics, software and in some cases telecommunications infrastructure to help realize the interactive elements and the rendering of my work.